RDS Mansfield Ltd Trading as Adina’s Recruitment


Our Commitment to you and the types of contractual employment we offer:

As an employment agency our task is to find employment that suits the needs of both you the driver and that of our clients.

We are currently working with over 30 clients all seeking professional drivers at any one time. All our clients have specific needs and requirements, they each have different job specifications and rates of pay. For each job offered, you will be made aware of that client’s location, their requirements, the rates of pay and estimated hours needed. This will be done either by phone or text message, and in many cases by both.  At no point from registration with ourselves are you employed by RDS Mansfield Ltd T/A Adina’s Recruitment. We do not guarantee working hours or pay. We work as an intermediary between you the driver and our clients.

We work with 3 types of employment for our clients

  1. Temp to Perm contracts
  2. Ad Hoc requirements
  3. Employment Direct

1. Temp to Perm

With many of our clients we are asked to find them suitable drivers to work direct for them on a full-time basis. With this sort of employment, Adina’s recruitment agrees with both the client and the driver a period of work before working directly with the client. During this period Adina’s recruitment will be responsible for salaries paid. Unless the client’s requirements change you will be transferred to working direct for the client on the agreed date. You will be made aware of estimated hours of work, rates of pay and period of temporary employment. Up until you are in the client’s full-time contractual employment, all bookings are subject to the client’s requirements. Should for any reason the stated clients no longer require your services or for any reason you are no longer able to work, RDS Mansfield Ltd T/A Adina’s Recruitment are NOT liable for any loss of earnings. RDS Mansfield Ltd T/A Adina’s Recruitment will endeavour to find replacement work on an ad-hoc basis but do not guarantee working hours.

2. Ad-Hoc requirements

With most professional drivers, you chose to register with agencies in order to find working hours etc to suit your needs.

Adina’s recruitment will be in regular contact with you to find your daily and weekly availability. We then look to find you suitable work from our clients. All our work will be offered to you by text and or by phone, before any work is accepted, you will be told of the client’s requirements, there location, estimated hours of work and rates of pay. This information will be given directly from the client’s stipulations. Please make sure you are fully understanding of what is required before accepting work. Once the booking is accepted, we will then confirm this booking with the client, this confirmation will be sent in a written format and form part of our terms and conditions. Your current Dvla Check and contacts details will be sent to our client. If the client cancels in the last hour of a booking, then a minimum rate of pay will be agreed and paid subject to you losing work from this cancellation.

If you the driver cancels the accepted work in the last hour of the booking or doesn’t show for the agreed contract, then additional charges for a replacement driver or costs accrued to our client could be charged or deducted from other hours worked.

RDS Mansfield Ltd T/A Adina’s Recruitment will endeavour to find work on an ad-hoc basis but do not guarantee working hours or minimum pay unless otherwise stated in writing, you are not employed by RDS Mansfield T/A Adina’s Recruitment and therefore cannot be dismissed by this company. Our clients reserve the rights to decline the use of your services at any time.

3. Employment Direct

From time to time our clients do ask us to fill an ongoing vacancy. We normally recruit by advertising and or offering to our current database of drivers the full job spec given to us by our client. You will be sent to an interview with the client and subject to all parties agreeing a start date will be agreed. We do receive fees for this sort of employment although you will be working directly for the client.


It is your responsibility to forward a timesheet to our office via text/email/whatsapp etc to be received no later than 10am on a Monday. Failures to supply a timesheet on time may cause delay in your payment. Your hours are submitted and then we will text over on a Monday to advise of your pay before stoppages. You must inform via call or text immediately if you do not agree to the amount messaged. We then outsource our payroll to an intermediary company who submits the information onto the RTI/HMRC to deduct Tax and National insurance. You will also be offered the option of opting into their company pension if eligible. The intermediary company will issue you with your own personal logon to access their portal to view payslips etc.

Umbrella option may work better for the driver who is registered with multiple agencies. You will have to pay the employers NI but can offset certain expenses. There is NO charge for this service.


The below is the minimum rate of pay we offer and will confirm your booking details via text.

PORTERS AND VAN from £9.50

7.5T DRIVERS from £10.00

HGV 2 from £10.50

HGV 1 from £12.25

The above pay rates are inclusive of your holiday pay and is not accrued. This will show separately on your payslip to ensure your basic pay is above minimum wage. Our payroll company will save your holiday pay should you require but this must be advised in advance.

You will always have a 30 minute break deducted for Van and 45 minute break deducted for HGV.

Where possible you will be guaranteed a minimum 8 hour pay even for assignments if less hours are worked. A text message will be sent upon receipt of any booking with Name of Client Date of Booking Start time and Category you will be driving. You must confirm back via text.

Do’s and Don’t’s

  • Please set your sat nav to avoid tolls, as we and our client are un able to refund toll charges
  • Please keep receipts for parking and service parking to ensure you receive your money back as without proof clients will not refund
  • If you are going to be late to a delivery or collection please call through and inform us or the client. Failure to do so may cause additional costs to the client
  • If think you are going to run out of driving or working hours whilst on your shift please call us or the client ASAP . Some clients will not pay over 15 hours
  • Please do not use V power fuel when refueling ( Standard fuel only)
  • Please don’t walk of site with any of our clients, if you are having any issues please ring us and we will rectify the situation. You need to stay on site and wait to be advised by us.

**If you return before the completion of any shift and this has not been authorized may result in payment for the shift.

  • If any damage occurs to the vehicle or the stock you MUST take photos and call through to us or the client immediately. Should your vehicle already be damaged or untidy inside please take photos and report on your vehicle defect sheet. We also advise you to ring through to the client or Adinas.
  • Smoking and e cigarettes are illegal in company vehicle’s
  • You MUST ring through if you are cancelling your shift. Our phone lines are 24/7 but we are asleep at night and do not hear text messages. SO PLEASE RING 😊
  • You must always obtain signatures for deliveries as this is proof of delivery. If no one will sign, please advise us or the client before leaving site
  • Penalty notices may incur Administration costs for the client if it is a hire vehicle. This will be passed onto the driver


Final Note

RDS Mansfield Ltd T/A Adina’s Recruitment, do not employ drivers directly and do not (unless stated in writing) guarantee working hours or pay. You are not employed directly and will comply with all clients working stipulations. Our job is to find work daily that suits your needs and requirements. You do not have to accept work and we do not have to offer work. Please make sure we are regularly aware of your availability to work to increase your chances. Should you be sick and not available for work we can not offer statutory sick pay unless you have a confirmed booking in writing over the period of sickness.

Many thanks

Directors of RDS Mansfield Ltd T/A Adina’s Recruitment